Jason Richek

Jason is one of the owner of Skyhigh Entertainment. He prides himself on offering high quality entertainment and exceptional client services. Making sure that every clients’ entertainment need is satisfied is Jason’s number 1 priority. The work however does not stop there for him. As a trained technician and designer, Jason designs all of the sound and lighting effects for the shows.

Jason is the Managing Partner for Skyhigh Entertainment.  He talk with all the clients and makes sure that all the arrangements made are just right for each event.

If you need to speak with Jason, you can e-mail him at: jasonr@skyhigh-entertainment.com

Adam Tarbox

Adam has been in the entertainment business for about 10 years. Throughout those years he has done a wide variety of projects in the industry; these include dinner theatre, comedy, juggling, singing, dancing, and most recently, magic. His career started in acting classes in high school, and from there he went on to dinner theatres. On the side he started to teach himself juggling and has always been interested in singing, dancing, and comedy. But, Adam’s real passion has been in magic ever since he visited a magic shop in Las Vegas, during his junior year of high school.

Adam is our Marketing Partner.  He is always on the cutting edge to new and unique marketing techniques.

If you’d like to speak with Adam, you can e-mail him at: adamt@skyhigh-entertainment.com