September 2014

Video Ezine: We want to wish all of the campers who are headed back to school this week a great school year!!
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August 2014 Ezine

Be sure to take the quiz for a chance to win a $25 Skyhigh Entertainment Service Gift Certificate.
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July 2014 Ezine

So Jae made a mistake making the video Ezine, he forgot to hit record!!  Check out the last minute update to Skyhigh Entertainment taking place this July.
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Kick off to Summer!!

The Jack of All Spades kicks off summer with some information on upcoming events and happenings at Skyhigh Entertainment.
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Free Giveaway

We are running a great contest at the moment on our Facebook page. The winner of this giveaway will win a copy of our magic book, "The Creativity of Performing Magic." Entering into the contest is very simple: Skyhigh Entertainment on Facebook - Simply go to our page, find the post that has the information about our product giveaway. - Click "Like"  on the post for 1 entry and then "Share" the post for a second chance to win. While your at our Facebook page, be sure to "Like" the page and stay up-to-date on the latest happening at Skyhigh Entertainment and to be the first to know when future contests are taking place. If you don't win, not to worry, you can still purchase a copy of the book on Amazon,.
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Opps, I messed up!

Hey everyone, Jason here, and I need to admit, I screwed up this month.  I take responsibility for putting the E-zine together each month and I didn't do it for March 2014.  There is a reason behind it; my wife and I had a baby boy on February 12th, Andrew.  Many people know my history about my daughter Naavah (if you don't here's some background: March of Dimes) and well, we are going through a similar situation with Andrew.  As of today, March 3rd, Andrew is still in the NICU, but should be coming home this week (with some monitors and other things).  Because of all of this, I have been quite distracted with family matters and missed out on writing and E-zine this month, and I'm sorry about that. So, there won't be a comic this month, a trivia contest or some birthday information.  But, I do want to let you know we are still here to provide the best entertainment in the tri-state area and our clients are still a high priority to us.  So to thank you for your continued business and to celebrate the birth of my first son, I am offering $100 off any private event booked through the month of March!  Just call the office or e-mail me and we'll get you set up with the best entertainment in the area! Thanks for all the support and don't forget to support the March of Dimes, now for both Naavah and Andrew.  SUPPORT THE TEAM HERE! Enjoy the month of March and I'll have things back on track for April!! ~ Jason
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February 2014 Ezine

Check out this message from Jae Adams: You can take the quiz here. See the web based Ezine here.
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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from all of us at Skyhigh Entertainment!!  
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Merry Christmas

On behalf of the entire team here at Skyhigh Entertainment, we'd like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!!  We hope you holiday is filled with joy, excitement, laughter and magic! ~ The Skyhigh Entertainment Team Members!
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December Ezine

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